Modelling your Sleep Quality

The University of Manchester in association with The Fine Bedding Company have derived an equation that estimates Sleep Quality. The formula scores the person’s sleep quality from ‘great’ to ‘tossing and turning all night’.

Camp @ Pte. San Francisquito, Photo by Carl
Camp @ Pte. San Francisquito, Photo by Carl

The formula is:

sleep quality = [(T x Bt) + C ] / [ Ha + S + L + (H x D)]

where ‘T’ is tiredness [hours] relevant to time awake and load of work, ‘Bt’ is the ratio of bedtime over normal bedtime, ‘C’ is related to the supporting beddings’ quality, ‘Ha’ is the average waking hours, ‘S’ is related to ambient sounds, ‘L’ is relevant to ambient light, ‘H’ is relevant to temperature and ‘D’ stands for duvet appropriateness for room temperature. A score of 2 is a great night’s sleep, 1 is average and 0 is tossing and turning all night. Find more information about the variables here.

Would love to test it out, but I need to say this: some of my best sleeps have been under a tent on a beach and that’s not in the equation.

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